Super frozen Yellowfin Tuna

New in the product range of Amacore is de -60⁰C Yellowfin tuna. The fresh tuna is directly frozen within 4 hours after catch at a temperature of -60⁰C. This method ensures no cells are broken and freshness and colour is maintained. Therefore this tuna can also be called ‘Super frozen tuna’ and is better than fresh. With its firm texture and fresh taste it is the perfect, all year round available tuna for sushi and sashimi! Amacore offers saku, loins and chunks of the -60⁰C tuna.



Directly after  catch this tuna is frozen at a temperature of -60°C, so that the cells remain intact and the product is optimally preserved. Even at -20°C, the product can be used as Sashimi for several weeks. After using the optimal Amacore thawing method, the tuna is better than fresh. Curious about our optimal thawing method, please contact us. We are happy to tell you more!


The delicious -60°C Sashimi quality tuna is a great alternative to fresh, but without the stock risks. You decide to defrost the amount you use per day (Saku thaws in 4 hours). That is why this tuna guarantees no waste, you just leave what you do not need in the freezer for the next day.





Commercial name

Super frozen Yellowfin Tuna

Scientific name

Thunnus albacares


South Korea

Catching area

FAO 71, FAO 77, FAO 87, FAO 51, FAO 57

Fish Specifications

Saku, Chunks


10 kg, 25 kg


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