Striped Seabass

New in the product range of Amacore is the sustainable ocean- raised Striped Seabass from Mexico. Farmed in clean, clear, deep oceanic currents where the conditions gives the fish a distinct sweetness with a delicate umami second flavor profile. A unique product, not comparable to the hybrid Striped Seabass grown in Europe. Striped Seabass is especially available via Amacore for the European market. This fish has a pleasant mouthfeel and a semi-firm texture. This Striped Seabass is known for its versatility. The fish is ideal for cooking because the fat content allows for many cooking methods, including grilling, poaching and braising. When cooked, it has a flaky texture with a skin that is incredibly crunchy. Go for a responsible and sustainable choice with our Striped Seabass!

Commercial name

Striped seabass

Scientific name

Morone Saxatilis



Catching area

Ocean farmed

Fish Specifications

Whole gutted, fillets


Random weight


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