Langoustines are very popular and can be named Norwegian crustaceans as well. Langoustines remain relatively small and can reach a maximum length of 25 cm. The color of Langoustines depends on the habitat and varies from pink-orange to orange with dark spots on the claws. The Langoustine is often confused with the ‘Gamba’, the large shrimp. (Which is also available at Amacore.) The meat has a lean taste and they are considered as a true delicacy for special occasions. Mainly only the tail of the Langoustines is consumed, which contains the most meat. Because the Langoustines have a soft and sweet taste of their own, extra additives for preparation are hardly necessary to create a delicious dish. Drizzle the Langoustine with some olive oil and fine herbs and then grill them for a delicious result! Langoustines are also perfectly suitable for stir-frying or baking.


Commercial Name


Scientific name

Nephrops norvegicus



Catching area

FAO 27

Fish Specifications

Whole langoustines


6 kg


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