The Octopus is the best known genus in the order of the Cuttlefish. This specie is found in all oceans around the world, but the Amacore Octopus comes exclusively from the oceans off the Spanish and Moroccan coast. In many countries Octopus is used in many ways. Amacore only buys the best quality Octopus for our customers. In addition, Octopus is known for the firmest meat of all cephalopods. The tentacles are easiest and most popular to consume. Cooking, grilling, deep-frying it is all possible with Octopus. When cooked, the Octopus is a true delicacy.

Commercial name


Scientific name

Octopus vulgaris


Morocco, Spain

Catching area

FAO 34

Fish Specifications

Tray, flowers


Random weight


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