To Amacore, corporate social responsibility is an important part of the business strategy. Our way of doing business is based on the ‘triple P’ principle: Planet, People and profit. Our commitment has no borders. Certified all across the chain.


Planet is about contributing towards the realisation of a sustainable planet. In fisheries, a sustainable fish source is the first thing that needs to be retained. Fish stocks need to be monitored carefully and bycatch needs to be kept to a minimum. Fish, sold by Amacore is fully traceable, from boat till throat. Fish stocks are managed precisely and, where necessary, cooperative projects are set up with different NGO’s, to improve the fishing grounds. To help reduce bycatch, innovations in fishing gear are encouraged.


People, covers the social aspect of sustainability. At Amacore, we strive for ideal working conditions in our office and abroad. We create developmental chances for our employees, we don’t underpay them and we do not tolerate any child labour in the fisheries chain. Cooperation with our partners in the chain is of the utmost importance to us. The best results can be achieved this way.


Profit, is just as important as the other P’s. A company that’s not profitable, will never be sustainable. This is true for Amacore, but also for our suppliers and customers. By using fair prices for quality products, we strive for sustainability in the total chain.

By supporting Planet, People and Profit and setting realistic goals, we can continue to work on sustainability. Our earth is worth it!

Our sustainability labels:

Sustainability is very important to us. That's why we are proud of these labels