Happy people

It may be clear to you that most fish – in all their tastiness – simply swim in the sea. We rely on people to find them and catch them with great care. To select, package, and transport them all over the globe. Making sure not one drop of quality is lost in the entire process. At Amacore we don’t do business with companies: we do business with people. They are the ones that make it happen. From the moment the fish is caught till it is served on the consumers plate. By working closely together as partners, we can guarantee the highest quality our clients can wish for, while making sure our prices remain competitive. In doing so, we strive for profitable business for all our stakeholders.

World class fish

Amacore is all about passion for fish.

A gift of nature. The touch of it, the look of it, the taste of it. Amacore delivers nothing but the best.

Our love of fish takes us around the world, tirelessly searching for new tastes, new options and new innovations. Day in, day out and all year round for you.

We are the top of our trade. Our quality assurance, sustainability and fine-tuned logistical solutions make us the seafood supplier of choice. With our own quality & inspection offices on site and the certificates to prove it – MSC, ASC and IFS higher level.

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Phone: +31 (0) 13 505 21 16
E-mail: info@amacore.nl

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