Moonfish, also known as Opah, can be found in all oceans but the Moonfish from Amacore originates exclusively from Panama. The Moonfish is the only known warm- blooded fish, which makes him very unique. The Moonfish represents the lampris family and is a very unique-looking fish. Not only because of its bright colour (steel-blue back and bright red belly, fins, mouth and tail) but also because the Moonfish is almost perfectly round and flat. The flesh of the Moonfish is very flavorful and meaty. The structure is comparable to salmon. When Moonfish is heated, the orange- pink flesh turns white. The fatty meat can be prepared in many different ways. From steaming to grilling and even poaching, which is delicious!

Commercial name


Scientific name

Lampris guttatus


Taiwan, Panama

Catching area

FAO 77, FAO 81, FAO 87

Fish Specifications

Loins, bellies


Random weight


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