New in the product range of Amacore is Kanpachi (Seriola Rivoliana)
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Kanpachi Fillet

Kanpachi is a very versatile fish. With a dense texture, it lends itself well to grilling, broiling, sautèing, frying, baking and even smoking. It is also a popular choice for poke and ceviche recipes. With a buttery flavor which is rich, yet mild, and high Omega 3 content – Kanpachi is a favorite for most.

Our Kanpachi is ocean-raised in pristine waters, far from land and vessel pollution, where marine life can flourish in a restorative, responsible approach. In this unique enclosure, the Kanpachi is able to swim in natural fast-flowing water resulting in beautiful, sashimi grade fish with no hormones or preventative antibiotics. It is a natural protein that is good for the planet too.

Interested to see more? Download our Kanpachi recipe booklet.

Amacore's favorite:

Kanpachi Nigiri

Nigiri is one of the simplest ways to enjoy the buttery flavor and freshness of Kanpachi.

  1. Place about 2 tablespoons of prepared sushi rice in your hand. Squeeze it together until it rolls into a firm oval shape. Make the bottom flat with the rounded top. Take a pea sized portion of wasabi and spread it in the middle of the Kanpachi slice. Place the rolled sushi rice onto the Kanpachi and bend your fingers to cover both the topping and rice together. Gently squeeze together so that the Kanpachi sticks to the rice Repeat for each roll.
  2. Top each nigiri with your favorite garnish and serve with additional wasabi, soy sauce and pickled ginger.

Available specifications

Commercial name: Kanpachi

Scientific name: Seriola rivoliana

Origin: Panama

Catch area: Farmed in Panama

Specifications: Fillets

Size:  300-700 g

Packaging: IVP, 9,5 kg carton box


 Tip: The Kanpachi fish is good for both baked and sashimi dishes

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