The sea contains many kinds of fish, but few as healthy and environmentally-friendly as the Barramundi. The delicious and pure flesh of the Barramundi is high in omega- 3  and contain half the calories in comparison to Salmon. Farmed Barramundi is 100% traceable and support the recovery of wild fish. Barramundi are raised with the utmost care, meticulously harvested, hand- filleted, quality inspected. Barramundi is a type of seabass that is native to Australia and the Indo- Pacific. Barramundi is Aboriginal for ‘large- scaled silver fish’ and is internationally renowned for its deliciousness and versatility. With its clean, buttery flavor and meaty texture, Barramundi appeals to just about everyone—even non-fish lovers call it a favorite! With a similar taste to grouper and halibut, it’s a sustainable substitute for some of the most popular overfished white fish.

Commercial name


Scientific name

Lates calcarifer


Farmed in Indonesia, Farmed in Vietnam

Catching area

FAO 71, Aquaculture

Fish Specifications

Fillets, Portions


10 kg


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