CSR policies

Sustainable Sources

Borne out of our deep love of seafood, Amacore Seafood is passionate about supporting sustainable fisheries. That is why Amacore sources from sustainably certified fisheries and is an active participant in a number of projects that aim to secure healthy fish stocks for our future generations. Amacore:

Our MSC certificate: 


Social Responsibility

Amacore Seafood is passionate about social responsibility. We believe that creating good circumstances and opportunities for our environment will benefit our fish. We:

  • have developed our individual CSR-policy report according to ISO26000 standards along with MVO (Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Ondernemen / Corporate Social responsibility), please see: http://www.mvonederland.nl/
    ISO26000  MVO
  • participate in FIP projects; Fisheries Improvement Programs. In such a program we work together with the sustainable fisheries partership (SFP) towards responsibly harvested fish. This project is the pre-fase of MSC certification, which is the ultimate goal for the products from this project. Recognize this sustainable fish by the following logo:
    Final logo_dark blue fish






  • generate fair working opportunities in Third World countries
  • work together with the government/CBI to stimulate fish export from Third World countries
  • support an orphanage in Sri Lanka for children between the ages of 8 and 18 to help to secure them a better future
    File_002_02 File_006_01 File_005_01
    The Orphanage
  • offer a good working atmosphere in our company.
  • work according to the Code of Conduct
  • have invested in a sustainable fleet of cars for our employees, such as hybrid and eco-friendly cars
  • have placed solar panels on the roof of our building – now let the sun shine!
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    Solar panels on the Amacore office roof