Soft Shell Crab

Soft Shell Crabs from Amacore are feeded by hand and grown each by each in seperate baskets. The peak season is from May until September. But Amacore delivers this exotic product all year round. Unique of these crabs in comparison to other crabs, is that our Soft Shell Crabs are already cleaned for you and therefore ready to be eaten whole. That means, no waste! In addition, the Soft Shell Crabs contributes to positive health effects. Soft Shell Crabs are packed with calcium and phosphorus. Good for people and the environment, perfect for trying out our Soft Shell Crabs! Soft Shell Crabs can be boiled and/or baked. Breading the crabs and then frying is very poplar. A tip for defrosting the crabs is to do this in the original packaging, this way the crabs remain intact.

Commercial name

Soft Shell Crab

Scientific name

Scylla serrata


Farmed in Vietnam

Catching area

Farmed in Vietnam

Fish Specifications

Whole cleaned, unmolded


10 kg


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