Yellowtail Hamachi

Yellowtail Hamachi, one of the most popular sushi toppings in Japan. Farmed, 100% Japanese and processed using the ‘Ikijime’* method. Because of the healthy relationship with our unique exclusive Japanese partner, Amacore can bring you the best frozen Hamachi in the world! The combination of freshness, EP Premium feed*, and rich fat content (up to 29%) results in a fully flavored taste, firm meat and mouth feel. Our Hamachi is perfect for Sashimi!

*EP Premium

Feed based on tea catchechin from green tea and Fucoidan from Kombu kelp. This type of feed prevents oxidation and change of color of the end product.


A method of quickly killing the Hamachi so the flesh retains its quality and will be 100% fresh.

Commercial name

Yellowtail Hamachi

Scientific name

Seriola quinqueradiata


Farmed in Japan

Catching area

Farmed in Japan

Fish Specifications

Fillet, loins


Random weight


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