Oilfish / Escolar

Oilfish / Escolar

Latin name

lepidocybium flavobrunneum


Fillet, portion, skin on, skinless, smoking quality

Processing purposes

Hot and cold smoking, steaking, sushi slices.

Rich in omega-3 content, Oilfish, also known as Escolar or Butterfish, is the healthy option and an excellent choice for smoking houses. Its high oil content makes it the ultimate smoked delicacy.

Processors will find our Oilfish suitable for cold-smoking and hot-smoking.

An extremely popular fish in restaurants with its firm texture and intensely rich flavour, it is also a favourite choice for sashimi and sushi.

Sourced from reliable suppliers in Indonesia, Vietnam and Ecuador, Amacore supplies both the oilfish smooth skin as well as the rough skin oilfish, known as Ruvettus pretiosus, all year round.

Like all our seafood, Amacore oilfish is HACCP and IFS certified to meet all EU regulations.

Amacore is partnered with Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) in a fishery improvement project to actively support more sustainable fishing of our seafood and our Amacore oilfish from Indonesia.