Latin name

Xiphias gladius


Loin, fillet, steak

Culinary use

Grilled, baked, poached, smoked for carpaccio.

Amacore swordfish, caught in the Chilean waters and the Pacific Ocean, is a full-flavoured fish with a firm texture and a vibrant flesh colour.

Similar to Marlin, but with a fuller flavor, it is an excellent choice, and is served as steak or as smoked carpaccio slices in many European countries.

Caught by long line and netting and produced from fresh raw material, Amacore Swordfish is blast frozen at minus 45 and minus 60 degrees Celsius to maximize freshness and taste.

Amacore Chilean swordfish stocks are well-monitored by the Chilean government to safeguard the maximum quota set each year to ensure the swordfish is sustainably caught.