Amacore Frozen Scallops

Amacore Frozen Scallops

Latin name

Patinopecten yessoensis


Buckets, bags

Culinary use

A well-known seafood item; no kitchen is complete without them on their menu.

They are harvested in the Northwest Pacific and produced in the USA, Amacore supplies scallops with a consistent color without white drip-off. Scallops without surprises; leading to stable supply to your customers. Amacore scallops are certified by MSC, making it the sustainable choice.

Approximately there are 10/20 or 20/30 per Lbs, in buckets or bags with a total weight of one kilogram.
You will taste the high quality and the freshness of this product even after it has been frozen for a longer time as well.

Love scallops because:
  • they are MSC-certified
  • the scallops have a consistent color and no white drip-off
  • they are IQF, so only use the amount of scallops needed, no waste
  • of the year round availability

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