Latin name

Octopus vulgaris


Whole round; Flower, ball, refreshed, trays, precooked tentacle & slice

Culinary use

An excellent choice for salads, pasta, sushi toppings.

Found in all the oceans of the world and also known as Pulpo, is a widely-consumed seafood in many countries. Amacore only sources the finest quality from Morocco which can lay claim to the best octopus in the world. Amacore octopus is caught by traditional boats and freshly manufactured directly after landing maximizing its freshness and tastiness.

A larger cousin to the squid, the life-span of the octopus is longer, making it an excellent choice in the kitchen. Renowned for having the firmest meat of all the cephalopods, the tentacles are the best bit for consuming. Cooked well, octopus is truly delicious.