Latin name

Seriola quinqueradiata


Fillet, Japanese cut

Culinary use

Ideal for sushi topping, raw, sashimi, miso, tataki, marinated, misoni, bowl, carpaccio, grill, roasting, baking, oven, poaching.

Rich in healthy unsaturated fats, Hamachi, also known as Yellowtail, Lechas, Ricciola, Magiaticko, Gelbschwanz Makrele belongs to the family of horse mackerels.

An excellent choice for sashimi, sushi and the high end market in Japan and USA, its popularity is now spreading rapidly to Europe.

Hamachi is farmed according to Japan’s high quality standards, giving it quality superior to its European sister, the Yellowtail Kingfish.

The strong flow of the Pacific Ocean gives Hamachi its unique firm texture with a vibrant flesh colour. Harvested according to the traditional Ike-jime method, Amacore Hamachi is blast frozen four hours after emerging alive from the water to lock in nutrients and maximize its freshness and taste.

The Japanese believe that Hamachi is a bearer of prosperity and luck as its name changes throughout its growth. It is often served during new year to wish a family prosperity and success for the coming year.

Amacore Hamachi brings you prosperity and good fortune. Nothing but the best for our customers!