About Amacore

Amacore is a privately owned supplier of frozen seafood, located in Hilvarenbeek, the Netherlands. We import, distribute, process and export to food wholesalers, distributors, food processors, food service and retail customers throughout Europe.

It all began in 2002 when a dynamic young man found his passion: trading fresh seafood under the name Open Seas (www.openseas.nl). A few years later Amacore B.V. saw the light of day, with the sale of frozen seafood as its core business. Now almost 15 years later we are a member of the Future Fish Group (www.futurefish.nl); have brought together a team of 50 dedicated professionals, and with our own production facility in the Netherlands we have strong ambitions to grow even further.


 What is the mission of Amacore?

Worldwide seafood for every human being.


What is the vision of Amacore?

Amacore vision to be reached by 2020 is to become known as the specialist in a selected supply range of reliable and quality seafood covering 35 countries worldwide. Our plan to accomplish this goal will rely heavily on responsible global sourcing, product focus, internal product development and intensive cooperation throughout the supply chain. All performed by our passionate Amacore team of seafood professionals.


What makes Amacore different?

Amacore is all about passion for fish. The feel of it, the touch of it, the taste of it – nothing but the best for our customers.