Lorenzo Baaijens

‘Fish – created by nature, but our passion’’’

Fish are wonderful animals, given to us by nature.

I am astonished about the fact how big the ocean is and what nature can brings us.Even given the fact mankind does only know 10% of all what lives our seas!

As a child I was fishing in the pond of my granddad. It was no love on first sight but eventually it took over my heart and mind during the years. Fishing at this pond was a moment for my family and friends to be together. It’s amazing how fish could connect people too!

This connect is something we prefer to have with our customers! Through our long-term relationships with our customers we are able to do amazing things.

As working as an Account manager in the team for Western- Europe I am proud to be member of the Amacore team!

Feel welcome and feel free to contact me in any fish-case!

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