Summer is (fish) BBQ time!

One of the best ways to cook your fish is on a BBQ. Nothing can beat the rich and smoky flavour of grilling on an open flame! If you’ve ever tried it you know it’s true!

Grilling a piece of meat is quite easy but when it comes to fish it could be trickier. For example, not every type of fish is suitable for grilling. Delicate fillets may fall apart and dissapear into the flames so choosing wisely will make the difference!

The wide range of products Amacore has to offer include a lot of great fish for your grill! Below you’ll see the Oifish steaks being prepared. Rich in omega-3 content, oilfish, also known as escolar or butterfish, is a healthy option that is extremely popular in restaurants. With its firm texture and intensely rich flavour, it is an excellent choice for barbequing.

This buttery steak can easily be grilled right away without ending up dry. Of course you could marinate it with herbs and spices as well.

Other instant successes on the grill are:

Amacore’s swordfish, caught in the Pacific Ocean, is a full-flavoured fish with a firm texture and a vibrant pink colour.

Yellowfin Tuna
Originating from Indonesia and Vietnam, Yellowfin tuna is one of the largest tuna species produced from fresh tuna with a rich red to reddish brown colour.

Red snapper
This exotic Malabar Snapper, recognizable by its beautiful red skin, is sourced in the Pacific Western Central zone. Its firm texture makes it perfect for barbequing.

Parrotfish is known for their uniquely colorful skin, which ranges from coral red to violet and turquoise. The fillet is soft and tender, and therefor suitable for a variety of culinary uses like sautéing, pan-frying, steaming and barbequing.

When grilled with skin on your fish will be nice and tender without getting dry.

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