The advantages of regularly having healthy fish on the menu

Healthy Oily FishIn addition to a culinary variety compared to meat and vegetarian dishes, regularly eating fish has even more benefits. Fish contains essential nutrients for good health. Most species have a lot of omega 3 fatty acids and are a good source of protein.


These help to keep the cardiovascular system healthy. For example, they are also very important for the development of the brains and vision for babies. Especially people who are hardly eating fish, will be enhanced to put more fish on the menu.
Governments in various countries around the world (including our Dutch government) advise their people to eat fish 1 or 2 times a week because of the health benefits.


Is oily fish healthy or not?

It is a fact that effective oily fish is rich in fats but they are very healthy. These fats are in fact vital to your body, especially the brain functions get benefit from the fats of fish. Various studies have shown that other benefits are:

  • Prevention of cardiovascular disease
  • Prevention of oral and skin cancers
  • Improving your memory
  • Lower risk of developing dementia
  • Have a lower incidence of depression



What species are oily fish?

Oily fish are species of fish that contain significant amounts of oil. For example mackerel can contain somewhere from 15% to 25% of oil where whitefish only contain oil in their liver, and much less of it than oily fish.

The productrange of Amacore consists of the following species of oily fish:

Healthy Oily Fish


The next time you’re thinking about what your dinner’s going to be, keep this in mind!