Amacore’s Inspiring Recipes!

Sparkling dishes for this summer period, that’s what it is all about! We are pleased to promote you several recipes with inspiration to prepare the Amacore’s specials. By this time, you will get surprised by the various tremendous possibilities to serve the Hamachi, Black Cod, Albacore Tuna, Swordfish and Patagonian Toothfish.


Left side:
Chopped Hamachi with shrub celery, cucumber, asparagus, lemon and oil

Right side:
Sashimi of Albacore Tuna with lemon and a piece of seared up Hamachi, poached egg and herring caviar


Black cod and Toothfish with vegetables in a sauce of sage and capers

If you would like more information regarding the Amacore specials, feel free to contact us!